In brief, with origins from his home state of Texas and life in Europe, CK1 global partners was established in 2014 by international executive and entrepreneur Carman Kobza as a private research and investment venture aimed at satisfying critical development and social needs in developing markets. Technological advancements in medical diagnostic equipment, communication and infrastructure improvements, and new regulations and policies by progressive developing countries led to CK1 global partners’ focus on telemedicine and digital preventative healthcare. Diagnostic solution deployment and a digital platform focused on women’s preventative healthcare (led by breast and cervical cancer screenings) developed as core strengths. Carman’s extensive travels to over seventy countries and friendships across many developing regions from a decade in the oil and gas industry, provided a broad base from which to initiate this new and mutually rewarding venture. The business is registered in the USA, European Union and Asia. Our business has activities on four continents and seeks to implement real-world, cost effective solutions with commercial and corporate partners, insurers, hospitals and clinics, governments and charitable organizations…where ever the need exists and our services, expertise and CK1 global partners’ relationships are valued. Integrity, ethics and honoring our word is our promise.